Thursday, January 20, 2011

Staying Vigilant

Sometimes I get tired of being so vigilant all of the time. I also get tired of facing people who think my vigilance in petty. This is why I find sharing stories so important because it keeps me focused on why I have to work hard and stay focused. The story of the young girl in Chicago breaks my heart, scares me, and at the same time, stirs me into action. These stories serve to remind and to reassure that the actions taken by parents and loved ones of children with life-threatening allergies are not without warrant. We have to stay vigilant no matter how silly others try to make us feel. I am also grateful that I have my food allergy friends who understand and share my feelings. Whether we meet face to face or simply e-mail periodically, just knowing you are out there keeps me strong.

Next Meeting!

We meet periodically in the evenings at Panera Bread in Liberty (8580 Church Rd).